Sunday, 14 February 2016


Just after Christmas we met someone on the Chamois lift who was wearing a contraption which caught our eye.  He explained that it was a Ski-mojo which is designed to minimise shock to the knees and reduce muscle fatigue.   Gordon has been having a problem with one of his knees so he made an appointment this morning with Dimitri to try it out.  I tagged along as well and as he had two pairs we both tested them.  It comprises a spring which goes along the outside of the leg, which supposedly provides more power to the leg. It is secured by a strap just underneath the cheeks of one's bottom and by straps around each leg, and is fastened to the boot. To begin with it felt quite constraining.  I felt as if I was being held in a particular position.  Sadly, the weather was foul, blowing a gale and snowing, so we only did a few runs and only on piste.  It would have been nice to have tried it on bumps to see if it did help to minimise the jolts. We did not give it a good trial as we only skied for an hour or so, rather than all day.  Gordon found that having to disengage it frequently was not helpful on his knee, as one has to click on the button and then straighten the knee to disengage.  I felt that it did not really help, but then I am not sure I gave it a fair trial.  Having abandoned the day and gone home, the weather improved and the sun came out! 

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