Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fresh air and exercise

It was not a very exciting morning but we decided to get out early only to discover that most of the lifts up the mountain were closed.  We went across to Mont D'Arbois and up the two drag lifts, which gave us access to the Princess lift, which was running.  We skied down to the Montrosset chair and met a five minute queue (unheard of!) because the Bettex lift wasn't running.  They were saying that there were gusts of 100km winds so the high lifts were all closed.  I suspect that we made the wrong choice and should have gone to Jaillet, as that is more sheltered and we could see the main lift was going.  I am sure that Chamonix and Argentiere would have been closed today.  Anyway, we called it a day and came home.  A day for cleaning the apartment and waxing the skis.  It is now snowing hard  with big, serious flakes.  Could well be a good week to be here. 

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