Friday, 12 February 2016


Yesterday we woke up to blue skies, sunshine, snow and -5.  We skied down the front face of Jaillet and the from the top of Christomet down to the Chattaz bus.  Instead of the bus, Carol came and picked us up and we went to Praz for a drink and then lunch.  By the time we had finished lunch it had started to cloud over and was snowing by evening.  We were feeling rather lazy.
Today we were on the first bus and skied the Red Princess and Comunailles fields.  Then we went up the Epaule lift and by that time it was snowing.   So we skied off piste down to the Porcherry restaurant, which was full of people like us coming in for a hot chocolate and warmth.  
It was windy and cold on the lift.  The snow was wind crust and not very nice.  We were thinking of coming home but then our leader,Gordon, lead us astray down to St Nicholas.  The snow was lovely, light and fluffy, and untracked.  When we got to the top we realised that it was excellent timing to ski down to Chatterix off piste and catch the facily bus which only runs three times a day.  We got down in record time and had to wait ten minutes for the bus. Fortunately it arrived.  We have been caught out in th past and had to walk about a mile uphill carrying skis.  That is definitely not to be recommended.    By that time it was snowing hard and by the time we got to the top of Mont Joux it was blizzard conditions.   So we decided to call it a day and ski home.  The snow is piling up on our balcony and the trees are laden.  The snow ploughs are going to have to work overtime.

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