Friday, 17 January 2014

Friday in #Megeve

We skied the Mon Rosset field on Monday and noone else had been down it until we skied it yesterday and today.  This is me skiing yesterday.  I have a video of John but he hasn't downloaded it yet.  Rob and Elspeth Pinckney are out on a short break so we skied with them this morning.   They went down the piste and we found the off piste.   For once, I failed to fall into the stream at the bottom of the Mon Rosset field.  We skied the off piste on Mont Joli, which had been fairly well skied but there was still plenty of powder.  We tried to do it on Wednesday with Jonny but the shoebox had a technical fault so we couldn't get over there.  Instead we played around at Cote 2000 and had a lovely time. It has been a great week's skiing and more snow is forecast for Sunday.

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