Monday, 20 January 2014

Lazy day today

We are having a day off from skiing today as our knees are protesting from skiing too much powder!   Anyway, the cloud was down this morning so no visibility though it's now snowing so we'll be out tomorrow.      #Megeve is still snow covered and the tree outside our window is turning white - very encouraging.   I have spent the morning varnishing the woodwork in our apartment.   We have had it completely remodelled but Andy did not have time to varnish the wood work so that's my job.  Nearly finished - just the pelmets to do.  It's a huge improvement.   We had 12 friends for supper on Saturday and managed to squash everybody in, but the real joy is I now have a proper kitchen.  For those of you who remember Hannah Payne who worked at the Sylvana with Vicky (and her sister, Sarah, is now working at the RP), she is out for a short break with her father Stuart and boyfriend Matt.  Yesterday was busy on the slopes but there was snow and sunshine and all the locals had come out to play.  Sunny Sundays, New Year and the Paris fortnight are the only times when Megeve is really busy, and even then you  don't usually wait more than 5 minutes for a lift.

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