Monday, 6 January 2014

skiing with Gordon

What an exhausting day!   Rendezvous was 9 am at the Chamois lift, then over to Mont D'Arbois where we did 3 off piste runs and were met by Jonny (resort manager in  #Megeve) at Bettex.  By that time we had already forded streams (I had to take my skis off at one)  walked up a piste du fond track carrying skis and skied through the forest.   Our best run was down to St Nicholas to pick up the facilly bus.   When it didn't arrive we walked up hill in ski boots carrying skis for about a mile to the lift where we discovered we were a month too early.  It starts February 9th!   Tant pis comme le francais dit!  The consolation was that we met Phil and Becks (driver/handyman and chef for 2 seasons at the Rond Point 4-5 years ago) and had lunch at the Gouet.   We left Jonny and Gordon to ski home off piste.   John  and I were exhausted, the light had gone and the snow was heavy.
Elizabeth will be pleased to learn that I have now nearly finished all the dirty ski laundry that she left when she went home yesterday.  What are mothers for?

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