Saturday, 11 January 2014

Staff Lunch

We had our post Christmas Stanford Skiing staff lunch yesterday.   We had it at Ernestine's which is on the blue run, Clementines, down to the Croix de Christ chair.  Everyone made it, even little Emma who had not been on a blue run until this week.  It was a fun lunch and afterwards everyone skied together for a couple of runs before splitting up.   You can't see, but I have a very elegant scratched nose as a result of skiing off the edge of the piste in flat light.  Today we skied with Phil and Becks who have gone home today.  We had a hot chocolate at the Chalet des Grands Pres which is just off to the left of the Marmire run which goes down to the Mon Rosset chair.   It was one of the best hot chocolates I have had recently.  It is an old French farmhouse and nicely done up with a wood burning stove.  The menu is limited but if you like omelettes, fondue or salad you could do worse.

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