Sunday, 12 January 2014

#Megeve Hot Air Balloons

I went over to Jaillet today to finish my restaurant guide.  I have to finish Mont D'Arbois and Rochebrune mountain restaurants, though I have done most of them.  I look to see if they have changed hands, gone up market and compare prices with last year's.   Most have increased slightly this year.  When I have finished it will go up on the website.  I have been side tracked this year by family and friends being out, so I have concentrated on skiing and not doing my job!  When I got out of the bubble there were 10 hot air balloons in the sky.  It was a beautiful sunny day, clear blue sky and no wind.  Ideal conditions.  They take off from Praz Sur Arly but as I have not taken a trip I do not know where they land.   Two years ago there was a race (I assume) from Flaine to Praz by balloon.   We first of all saw all the cars with the trailers to pack the balloons in.   Then we noticed them coming in to land.  One landed on a side road completely blocking it, but was obviously aiming for a field where 3 had already touched down,  It was very interesting to see with what skill the pilots landed them, all in a neat row by the side of the road.

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