Saturday, 25 January 2014

New experiences

Ever tried skiing on leaf mould?  Well, you can and it's better than tree roots.  Today we went back to Jaillet and skied down through the trees to the road, where we picked up the bus.  However, Gordon decided to avoid the nasty path by pioneering a route down a steep bank - hence the leaf mould.  And if you're the one coming last there is precious little snow left on a steep bank.
Afterwards Gordon went home and John and I took the bus up to Rochebrune and skied down the Emil Allais.  This goes past the Forestiere restaurant and is the old World Cup Men's Downhill.  I believe it was abandoned because it was too dangerous.   The first part had been skied and was chopped up which made it tricky.  It is also quite narrow as you skirt round under the cliffs below Alpette.  But then it opened out and we had a magnificent ski down to the bus stop.  John delayed coming down the last pitch until the bus had come along the road.   Sadly, the only audience consisted of the bus driver who looked very bored and refused to drop us off where was most convenient so I had to lug my skis though town.
John forgot to take the camera so sorry no pics today.
More snow is forecast for tonight so we might just have to get the first lift up.  Who would have thought as OAPS we would be  spending our retirement so disgracefully?  You ought to try it.  

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