Tuesday, 14 January 2014


We woke up this morning to 30/40 cms of fresh snow.  John and I were the first down the red and black Princess pistes which had been groomed the night before but were fantastic with the fresh snow.   Then we went and explored some of the off piste fields.  John had to go off to Bonneville to the Prefecture so I skied with Jonny, Anthony (a guest) and some of the staff who we bumped into.   It was snowing first thing but cleared later to a nice afternoon.   It was a great day's skiing.  Sadly, neither John nor Jonny remembered their cameras!  We bumped into Alex Perrinet (mountain guide who we ski with when he is not busy which is usually never) at Communailles when John and I were making a meal and a half of the off piste.   Why do you always ski at your worst when someone else is watching?

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