Saturday, 12 March 2016

A slightly unsatisfactory day

It's been a slightly unsatisfactory day.  We walked to the Rond Point to catch the early bus to Jaillet, as Chris's girl friend had hurt her knee and I was going to lend her my knee brace.   But the bus didn't come.  We missed the next one (which was either the first bus running late or the second bus running early) because I had gone into the RP to adjust my boot.  So we then walked to the Post Office roundabout to catch the Rochebrune bus to Jaillet.  So we set off half an hour late.  We went up Christomet and had a lengthy discussion as to whether the snow was going to be skiable to catch the Chattaz bus.  We decided to go through the trees and see what the snow was like, as we could then abort.  The trees were difficult but the snow was fine so we continued on down.  And we found some spring snow which was lovely.   Spring snow is when it has thawed and frozen several times to produce a hard layer which you ski on.  But  it has to be untracked otherwise you are skiing ruts and that is not fun.
We had to wait 20 minutes for the bus but we sat in the sunshine and looked at the plume of snow blowing off the top of Mont Blanc.  We thought we would try and catch up with Jonny and co. But the world and his wife had come out to play so we skied a couple of runs on Rochebrune and came home. I think all the weekenders and locals had turned up as it is the first sunny weekend we have had.  Good for the resort but we are not used to having to queue for lifts! 

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