Thursday, 3 March 2016


It snowed all night and on and off most of today.  We went over to Mont D'Arbois and skied down the Milloz, fresh snow over groomed piste.  Then we did the red Princess field, off the back of Mont Joux and down to Communailles, where I fell off the drag lift.  The liftie was ticking me off for skiing across the drag (he didn't see John) and the lift jerked so I let go.  I was still standing so technically I didn't fall off.  I blame the liftie.  Eventually we skied home via Planellet which was lovely as no one else had been down it.  John pointed out that the snow has covered the shrubs which makes the off piste much easier. At the beginning of the season it was tricky as the shrubs had not then succumbed to the snow.   But today we skied down one field where there is usually a line of posts, and they were completely covered.   We gave them a wide berth.

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