Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Today, as John said, was like a day in January, freezing but sunny.  We went to Mont D'Arbois but everywhere appeared to be skied out.  We did a couple of off piste runs which were OK and then headed for the Montrosset field.   To our surprise, it was virtually untouched.   So we skied that twice.  Our aim was to head over to do the run down to the facily bus to St Nicholas.  We thought we were running out of time as the lifts took longer than we anticipated but in fact we had 10 minutes or so to wait for the bus at the bottom.  The snow was magical.  A few people had been down it a day or two ago but it was virtually untracked as you can see in the following photo.  There was only one elderly gentleman on the bus when we got on and the driver was on autopilot.  We pressed the stop button twice for Chatterix but he still sailed past and had to stop rather suddenly.  We then had lunch at the Gouet, and as usual there, bumped into people we knew.  Everyone goes there.  And then we skied home via Planellet, right to the five steps leading up to our apartment building.   I say skiing but the last bit on the  home run involved poling, walking on skis, walking uphill on skis, walking uphill carrying skis and eventually skiing down.  

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