Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mothers' Day

John declared yesterday evening that he was going to have today off.  However, when he got up and saw the sunshine he put on his boots and helmet (the breastplate comes later) and we got on the 8.50am bus to Jaillet.  We skied the run down to the Chattaz bus.  The snow was fantastic, thick and fluffy and no one had been down before us.  The only drawback to that was we had to walk uphill for a short way.  Usually it's not too much of a problem but with the deep snow it was hard, sweaty work.  After that we skied down the face but the sun had caught the snow and it had changed consistency, so one had to jump the turns.  So by the time we got to the bottom we decided to call it a day and went home and had coffee.  However, Jonnny, Tracey and Hannah are out this week and they arrived about 11 am.   Jonny and Hannah said they were going to have a ski around so we thought we would join them.  That meant putting back on our ski gear, getting our skis and heading back up the hill.  But how the conditions had changed.  The cloud had come in and it started snowing and turned cold.  Tracey, Gordon and Carol in the meantime had arrived at the Dahu, so we gate crashed their party.  Four bottles of wine later John and I caught the bus home.  What a day! 

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