Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Gordon's knee

Gordon has had a bad knee for quite a bit of the season, so he took about a week off to allow it to rest.  He decided yesterday that he would go skiing again, but would take it gently.  Taking it gently did not mean taking it slowly!   He tried a bit of off piste but most of the obvious places had been skied out, though I did find some untracked snow down the side of the Lanchettes run.   It was a glorious day, cold and sunny.  
Today the cloud was down so we skied down the race track on the red Princess three times, as it had not been pisted and was unskied.   After we had finished we had trashed it.  Gordon said he was going to do the red run down to the Monrosset chair, and I said I would go and ski the field.  Not surprisingly, as I ducked under the rope he came after me.  When we got to the bottom he decided to take a different route to the lift, which involved climbing over a barbed wire fence and rather a lot of walking.  We thought it wasn't worth it.  Gordon decided he had had enough, but we had bumped into two other guys so I joined them.   They were going for a coffee,  but when I said I was going to ski the Communailles field they decided coffee could wait.  Eventually we skied home via Planellet but I lost them in the woods.  I went one way and they went down the path.  I got to the bus stop and bumped into someone else I knew!  It was one of those mornings.  And on the bus was a friend from home whose wife had come skiing with Simon Butler and had broken her arm in three places and was in Sallanches hospital.  Some idiot had skied into her.  Having an injury is one thing, but being put out of action by someone else is something I dread.
John has had the last two days off as his back was giving him a bit of grief.  Hopefully, he'll be back tomorrow.

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