Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter Weekend

It's been an odd weekend, weather wise.   All week we had glorious sunshine until Friday, when it was cloudy and snow showers.   Fortunately John managed to get us the last table at the Radaz so things looked up.  Then Saturday was gorgeous.   We had been invited to a late lunch with our friends who live just outside Argentiere, so we skied for three hours.  Although there were a lot of people around who only met queues at the Mont Joux and Epaule chairs, and they were only about five minutes.  Woods and Folie Douce we're hosting end of season parties, and I think a lot of people were there.  But Argentiere was absolutely heaving.   The car park was full and people were parking a kilometre down the road.   Just as well we did not ski there.  Then today it was back to Friday's weather.  There were a lot of people in town and the shops all had massive sales.  I bought a pair of shearling boots at half price, though still expensive but I needed cheering up! 
Over the weekend Megeve has been hosting an International Jazz Festival.   We went to the Melody Gardot concert on Friday night at the new Palais de Sport. We preferred her quieter ballads to the whole ensemble.  The lighting was spectacular but  the concert hall was unfinished, no air conditioning and portaloos.  It was a very good evening but true to form ran very late. But at least we only got one speech.

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