Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Unthank Ski Club

Today I decided to join the Ski Club, as John is not skiing at the moment as he has pulled a muscle in his back, and Gordon is nursing his knee.  I joined the fast group with Gary and the Gallagher family, Don and Sarah and their two boys, Luke and Jo, who they had taken out of college for a short break.  We had a lovely morning though it was quite cloudy.   Howver, the sun came out in the afternoon.   We had had a sprinkling of snow overnight, but we are promised some more for tomorrow and the day after.   Hopefully John and Gordon will be fit by then.  Anyway, we skied the Milloz, The red Princess run, then the Marmire and then we skied the red run down to the Bettex lift.  We didn't experience any queues until we got to the Etudiant and Ideal lifts, though those were not too bad.  At lunch I came home to see how the old man was.  I am really surprised at how few people there are around, considering it is peak holidays for the French.  In our block of nine flats there is only one other flat occupied at the moment.  Last week I think two more were probably in use, and usually there are a couple of families here for weekends.  We're not complaining but it is very odd.

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