Saturday, 5 March 2016

Another staff day off

Yesterday Rory, Amy, Gary and Richard were waiting for us at the Chamois lift as it opened.  We had had snow overnight but it had stopped and we had a clear day.  Our plan was to do the Emil Allais downhill run (which is the old Race track) and then show the staff the way down to Praz Sur Arly off piste.  There was a ski instructor in front of us with two clients, but other than that we were first down the Emil  Allais.  It is important to get there early as it gets very narrow and huge moguls build up.  As it was it was quite lumpy under the fresh snow, but it was superb.  It is impressive as it runs under the cliffs of Alpette and Rochebrune.  We caught the bus to Jaillet and decided to ski down the face.  This is a shot of John just after we had picked our way through the trees.   It is a beautiful panorama of Megeve.    Sadly, the bus we were aiming to get must have been cancelled as it did not arrive so we had to wait for the next one.   That put us back which meant we had insufficient time to get down to Praz for the 1pm bus.  They only run every two hours so one doesn't have a very big window.  So we did the face again but the temperature had risen slightly and the snow had got a bit heavier.
Today it was snowing all morning though the sun got out in the afternoon.  We did our usual off piste fields, red Princess, Montrosset and Communailles.  The snow was lovely but the visibility was a bit limited.  I had an amazing tumble, landing up facing uphill.  I must have done a somersault as I came out of my skis.  As I had lost both skis I was disorientated, and spent some minutes looking for them in the wrong place.  Fortunately once I looked in the right place they were easy to find.  It hasn't been a good two days as I lost a ski pole yesterday, and it took us ages to find it.  As usual, it was where one didn't expect to find it.

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