Friday, 27 February 2015

3 runs, 6 buses in glorious Megeve

It was snowing hard but we were on the first bus to Jaillet (bus no 1) together with Jonny, Ben and Hannah.   Run No 1 was through the trees and down the face to bus no.2.  The snow was good but there were still some bumps underneath from previous tracks.  Then back up for run no.2 through the trees and back to the bus stop for the bus from Chattaz (bus No.3) which dropped us to get the bus No 4 back to Jaillet. The snow was variable but we got some good turns in on the lower meadow.  Then it was up Christomet, over to Le Giettaz and up the two chairs, turn left and along the ridge to ski down to Praz Sur Arly.   Though the visibility wasn't great the snow was perfect, and noone had skied through the trees so that was fun.  We went a slightly different way from yesterday, which meant that we had a short walk along the road at the bottom to bus No5.  This is the ski shuttle at Praz which goes round by the ski lifts.  We had missed the 1pm bus but there was another in half an hour (bus No 6) which took us back to the bus station at Megeve.   Jonny got a 7th bus up the hill to Rochebrune but the rest of us walked back to our homes.
Afterwards Hannah and Ben went up to Folie Douce and spent the afternoon there with the rest of the staff.   By all accounts they were the only ones there so they had the music and dancing to themselves.  Should be a great powder day tomorrow.  
That's 40cm of snow fallen this week on a great base.  It's a super time to book a last minute ski weekend or short ski trip and we've even got some space for the Easter hols w/c 5th April!                                       

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