Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Back again in Megeve

We came back yesterday evening.   Today was bright and sunny so everyone was out on the slopes.  We skied with Jonny.   We decided to do the Emil Allais run which used to be the Men's Downhill Championship course until they decided it was too dangerous.  You start on the black run below the Alpette restaurant. then go behind the Forestiere restaurant where it is unpisted.    It winds round below the cliffs on Alpette.  It is narrow with cliffs on the right and a steep, wooded drop off on the left.   Eventually it widens out into meadows.   Someone has cut down a lot of the scrub which makes the last part easier.  Because it is never pisted it tends to have big moguls, so it is really only worth doing when there has been a big dump of snow.   However, it wasn't too bad today, though the snow on the meadows was a bit crusty and hard work.  The idea of skiing it at speed is quite alarming, as it is narrow, steep with several sharp bends and nowhere to attempt to slow down.  They must have been brave in those days!
We then skied through the trees on the Olympic which was fun but the snow was tricky.
We met Hannah and Tracey for lunch at the Dahu.   I tried the Plat Du Jour, which was a sausage filled with tripe.  It had a nice sauce but I don't think I'll be trying that again.   Everyone else played safe with hamburgers and the like.  There is more snow forecast for the weekend in

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