Friday, 13 February 2015

Off piste in Megeve

It is nearly two weeks since the last snowfall and we are still finding untracked snow.  This is John on the final descent yesterday to Intermarche.  Gordon was filming him and skiing behind him.
Intermarche is off to the right top end of the picture.   Carol met us as before just before the main road, and we had a beer in the Intermarche.
Today we skied with Jonny, Tracey and Hannah.   We had lunch at the Alpage at the bottom of the Communailles drag lift.  We sat inside but most people were sitting outside.   They have a covered area which gives some shelter.  We had a very good lunch and then skied down the Epaule ridge to Chatterix.  Next week is the beginning of the Paris holiday so I expect the resort will be busier.   It has been quite busy this week but the queues are no longer than five minutes and move quickly.
So far the worst fashion disaster is the portly gentleman in a white ski suit, white gloves and a black fake fur hat.  I would have preferred a snowman.  There do not appear to be any consistent fashion themes so far but maybe that will change when the Parisians hit town.

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