Thursday, 26 February 2015

Thursday - Praz sur Arly

John and I got the first bus round to Jaillet and then skied straight over to Le Giettaz.   We stood at the top in the sunshine debating whether to ski down to Praz.  Noone had done it so we had no idea whether the snow was skiable.  We hummed and hawwed and then said let's give it a go.  And we were delighted we did.   The snow at the top was good and OK through the trees.  The track out was not nice, lots of snow shoe tracks, but I snow ploughed it.  Surprisingly, the snow at the bottom was pretty good, nearly spring snow when I expected breakable crust.
When we got to the bottom we saw the bus disappear.  Fortunately the next bus appeared pretty quickly.  But we were sure we'd missed the bus from Praz to Megeve, which meant a two hour wait, a taxi or a walk to Chattaz to pick up the midday bus.  However, when we got off the bus we just missed the Megeve bus, but, to our surprise, another bus appeared.   There are two different bus lines whose buses go at identical times, so we got lucky.  This is me skiing down to the stream and the track out.

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