Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunny Sunday

According to Snowforecast it was supposed to be snowing all day today in   However the sun came out and it was a lovely day.  John had things to do first thing so I got an early lift and did five runs on Mont D'Arbois, before coming back to meet John at the top of the Chamois lift.  I like being one of the first down the groomed slopes.  There are few people around and you can practise getting on your edges and carving turns.  It's more difficult when you are trying to dodge others.
Anyway, we went straight to Cote 2000 and did a run there, and then came back and skied Lanchettes twice because it was so nice.  Considering it was the first day of the Paris holidays the slopes were relatively quiet.  We had a bit of a queue the first time at the Lanchettes drag lift but after that everyone had presumably moved on to Cote.   John had to get back to do a transfer so we only skied for a couple of hours but it was very enjoyable.  I gave John a ski tuning kit for his birthday so we did the edges on our skis and waxed them.  We should be flying tomorrow!

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