Sunday, 8 February 2015

Megeve holidays

The French holidays start this weekend and suddenly there are others in our apartment building Usually we are the only occupants.  I'm not sure I like it.
Yesterday was Andrew's last day so we skied down to the Facilly bus at St Nicholas.   Usually it is a minibus but the one that turned up was for school children and definitely not for skiers   It had three high steps and a luggage rack so you couldn't hold your skis vertically.  The driver was lovely and dropped us just by the ski lift, although that is not a recognised stop.  We managed to get a table at the Gouet but they were rushed off their feet.   You need to get in there by midday.  After lunch we went tree skiing which meant fighting through scrub. No wonder all my ski clothes have holes in them.
Today I went out for two hours but got very cold.   The sun was out but it was -9C at the Mont Joux chair. So I did some runs int he sun and came home.
Tonight we are hosting the Music Mazot.   There will be 15 crammed into our apartment which will be cosy.  Three people choose music to play but it must be no longer than 30 minutes.   Everyone brings something to eat and drink and it is very jolly.  This is the first of the season as the first one got snowed off!  So Megeve is not just about skiing.

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