Tuesday, 10 February 2015

John's birthday

Yesterday was John's birthday and it was a beautiful sunny day.  We decided to ski off piste down to Praz Sur Arly, though when we tested the off piste we had reservations.   However, it turned out to be great fun and we found some untracked snow.  In the evening we went out for dinner with Gordon and Carol and Jonny and Tracey to the Coin Au Feu, which is up near the Sylvana.  We had a really nice meal in a quaint restaurant, which used to be the cellar.   Because it is under new management and has only just reopened it was not busy, in spite of the French holidays.
Today we went out with Gordon and Jonny.  We skied on Jaillet down to the husky farm near Praz.   It involved rather a lot of tree skiing and I ended up with a split lip from a contretemps with a branch.
But we had a lovely ski out at the bottom which made it all worthwhile. Unfortunately Jonny got a call to say Tom the chef had fallen down the stairs at the Sylvana and put his arm through a window so we all gave up at that point.   Santa had taken him down to the medical centre but they said he had to go the hospital in Sallanches so John took him down there.  They hung around for hours as they wanted to x-ray him to make sure there was no glass before stitching him up.  But he's OK, thank goodness.
It was such a lovely day that after I'd cleaned the flat and done the washing I thought I'd go for a walk.  I'd laced up my boots when I thought I'd rather go skiing.  So I put on all my ski gear (the stuff that hadn't got in the wash) and had a splendid couple of hours on Rochebrune.  So rather a mixed day altogether.

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