Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Megeve Powder

The last three days have been amazing.   Tom Hardes turned up from New Zealand.  He had to return to renew his passport and at the last minute got a lift to You may remember him as the chef at the Sylvana for ten years.  He broke his arm badly and decided to go to New Zealand.  We skied with him on Monday, skiing all the way down to St. Nicholas off piste.  We then had lunch at the Gouet, our favourite restaurant.   I was hoping to have a photo of him but I have not been sent the link, so if I get it I'll post it separately.
Then Tuesday we skied on Jaillet.  We started off from the top of Christomet, skiing to the knoll which you have to walk up and from there you can ski down to Giettaz off piste.  Several people had skied it but it was not too chopped up.   You ski out along by the stream, which is rather hard work and sweaty.  After that we skied down through the trees which brings you out by the the Auberge du Christomet (now a sushi restaurant called Finger's).  However, the snow shoe trail had not been walked and that was really hard work walking out along that, more sweat and tears!  We skied down the face of Jaillet and had lunch at the bottom at the 540 restaurant.  We went up again and skied through the trees and down the meadows to the bus, which brought us back home. What a day!
Today John decided to have a day off which was a mistake.  Gordon, Neville and I skied off piste down to the Intermarche supermarket at Le Fayet, which is right down at the bottom of the valley.  It takes about an hour and involves quite a lot of tree skiing, as well as climbing over fences.   I think we must have climbed over about six.   On the upper fields the farmers tend to take down the wire fences but they don't bother lower down.  It had been skied, probably by Alex Perrinet who is a mountain guide but is very knowledgeable about the off piste round Megeve.   The first time we skied that run we looked back and saw 6 people coming down, and it was Alex and his clients!   But we got own before him that time.  Carol came and picked us up and we had lunch at the Intermarche cafe which is excellent value. 
So what shall we do tomorrow?

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