Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Another trip to Intermarche

John was doing a transfer so it was just Gordon and me.  We skied the bottom of the Mon Rosset field heading for the Princess lift, and then decided to keep going down to the valley.   The first part was fairly well skied but after that we could make our own tracks.
We had an interesting trip through the trees, with patches of nice snow and then crust where the snow had fallen from the trees.  However, when we got out into the fields the skiing was tremendous.  The frost on top of the snow glistened like granulated sugar.  It was beautiful.   We had fewer fences to climb over than the other way, about 3 we climbed over and the same number we crawled under.  We didn't quite make it to Intermarche as we got stuck among some houses but Carol came to find us.  It was a splendid day, bright sunshine and we both steamed as I was definitely wearing too many clothes.  Gordon went home but Carol dropped me at the Princess lift and I did all the black runs that side.  Bridans and the black run by the Mandarin restaurant were unpleasant but the others were lovely and noone on them.  I came home via Pylons and Calvaire.  What a morning.
Tom had to go back to Sallanches hospital for a check up but was given the all clear so should be back to cooking in a few days' time.  What a blessing no tendons were cut.   John says he has bandages all up his arm.
Anyway here is a photo of Gordon, Jonny and me from yesterday.  Can anyone guess where it was take?  And I won"t accept Jaillet.

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