Friday, 21 February 2014


It's staff day off and it's snowing again.  That's Fridays for you.   I went out for a couple of hours today along the Rochebrune ridge to Cote 2000.   I had a good ski  but the joy of being here all season is that you don't have to stay out all day because you're only here for a few days.   Yesterday was a lovely day but I went to London for a meeting, getting up at 6am and reaching home just after midnight.  It was a long day.
Skiing is an odd business.  Last Friday Gordon, John and I went out.  It was snowing ( again, but it was Friday)  and blowing and none of us felt motivated to ski so we decided to come home.  Three hours later we eventually made it back!   The trouble was that we found some rather nice bits of powder which just had to be skied, and the more we looked the more we found.  So all in all we had a lovely morning, but unexpectedly so.   It's always worth going out because some of the most unpromising days can be the most fun.
As I write it's still snowing and forecast to do so all day.  Should be good tomorrow in #Megeve.  Why not come out to Megeve and see if my prediction for snow on Fridays holds good?

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