Monday, 17 February 2014

Mont Joli #Megeve

Probably the best day of the season.  We woke up to blue sky and fresh snow, what a combination.  Gordon, John and I skied off the back of the Epaule lift, then came back up and went over to Mont Joli.  We skied this three times  and then traversed across the top to the ridge on the right of the chair.  I haven't done this in years as it is a high exposed traverse above a band of rocks.  It is also avalanche prone so one has to be sure that the snow is stable before going across.   We had looked carefully at the other skiers skiing on that slope before venturing across. The likelihood is that this is the one day of the season when it is safe enough to ski it.  Even so, my knees were shaking by the time I got onto the ridge.   But wasn't it worth it!
The following video gives some idea of the conditions and the view.  On the last part Gordon is videoing John and me skiing down the bottom part of the ridge.   You can see the summit of Mont Joli in the background and the traverse.   After that, there is a section through the trees and then a superb couple of fields down to the piste du fond track.  We had to pole along that and walk uphill carrying our skis for a couple of short sections but it was worth it.  We got the bus back to Mont D'Arbois and then went up the Etudiant lift and skied home through the forest and eventually down the Calvaire to town.   We ended up in the St Paul Bar!  What a day.  Come and see for yourselves.

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