Tuesday, 11 February 2014

skiing 10 - Navigation 0

Fresh snow again so we have no option but to be out there.  Straight up the Chamois, then the Caboche and the Alpette chair to ski the Emil Allais from top to bottom (the bus stop at Chattaz).   We got the last field slightly wrong as we went too far  right and ended up skiing down the road - not a good idea.  John got to the bus just as it was setting off but the bus driver waited for me.   It would have been an hour's wait for the next one. Then to Jaillet and two quick runs under the Christomet chair and then up again to ski through the trees and down to the road.   Again we went too far right and ended up scrambling down; there was a particularly tricky ravine.   We came out by the husky dog track and the last field was lovely.  So back up again as we don't like to be beaten but this time we decided to ski straight down the face.   However, we went too far left ( navigation was not our strong point today)  and got back to the piste so had to dive back into the trees again.  The last field had not been skied so was great fun, but just getting a bit heavy.  But that really makes you work hard.  And now the sun is shining.  What a way to spend one's retirement!

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