Thursday, 6 February 2014

#Megeve powder

Fresh snow again today.  John and I caught the early bus to Mont D'Arbois to be first up the lift (we weren't).  We started by skiing off piste down to the Princess lift - see video above. 

Mont Joli was open so we skied that twice although it was terribly windy at the top.  It was fine when you got about halfway down.    I was surprised it was open because of the wind.   The third time we skied off the back down to the Porcherry restaurant.   We saw three ESI ski instructors go down so reckoned it was safe.  The snow was fantastic.  After that we felt we'd earned lunch at the Gouet - crout de gouet of course!  In the afternoon it clouded over and looks like more snow.
It's good to be back in  #Megeve again.   

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