Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wild life in #Megeve

No, that's not the old man!  We were skiing off piste by the black Princess piste when John saw an ermine disappearing under a fir tree.   It poked its head out to check if we were still there.  John was lucky enough to get these pics.

As you can see it was in its winter coat, with a black tip to its tail.  About 3 years ago I was walking on the path from the Javen restaurant at Rochebrune and stopped on the bridge to look at the stream.  A stoat appeared in its summer coat, and then another.  They wanted to cross the stream but I was on the bridge, and though they tried to cross on the rocks, couldn't.  Eventually one of them, probably the male, ran across inches from my heels.  The other stayed on her side of the stream.   I then walked round the corner and saw a black squirrel. So you never know what you are going to find when you go skiing.
Anyway, we had a brilliant morning.  As it was snowing I got the old man onto the first lift at 8.45am.  We were the first down the red Princess piste.  We skied the black Princess, Bridans and Voltigeurs though we were not the first down.  They had not been pisted so were huge fun.  We then decided to try the off piste.  Yesterday there was no off piste as the foehn wind was blowing and it turned warm, so we thought the off piste today would be crusty underneath the fresh snow.  How wrong we were!   We were the only ones skiing it though the pistes were busy as it is the start of the French holidays and the English half term.    Eventually we got home about 2.15p.m, having skied non stop (apart form the lifts).  Not bad for OAPS.  

We took a video but we can't get it to work.  Perhaps tomorrow. As you can see the snow is good but not the visibility.

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