Saturday, 8 February 2014

Snow again in #Megeve

We did not ski yesterday but had a day off, doing more things to the apartment.  I have now finished most of the varnishing though I noticed today that the shelves in our wardrobe are pine and need a coat or two.   It's always the way when you think everything is done.  Anyway, last evening we went to friends in St Gervais for another musical evening.  Three people chose music that have influenced them, or have happy memories.  John waxed lyrical about lying on a girl friend's bed (no hanky panky so he said) listening to a particular song and talking about the meaning of life - which you do at the age of 17.  He has grown up since, though as he spent the drive back home singing "Poor Judd is dead" from Oklahoma I'm not sure.  I was the only sober one but then I was driving.  It had been snowing heavily on the drive down but had stopped when I drove home but the roads were treacherous.  You will be pleased to know that by breakfast time this morning he had remembered all the words to the song and sang it to Carol and Gordon after lunch.
Back to the skiing.   We had a fantastic morning with fresh snow, though some off piste slopes were affected by wind.  This is a picture of Gordon skiing with me standing at the top.  I had just dug myself out of a snow hole so was feeling tired.
This pitch takes you down to the road where there is usually a bus.  However, we discovered earlier in the season that the bus service does not start running until tomorrow.  So Carol very kindly came and picked us up and we then went to a tiny restaurant on the road up to Chatterix.  As I look out of the window it is snowing  again so we may be celebrating John's birthday tomorrow with a powder day.  Wish you were here!

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