Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tuesday - Jaillet

We were on the 8.50 bus to Jaillet and straight up the lift.  We skied the pistes on Christomet and this is a view of the blue piste from the top looking towards Mont Blanc. Although it was a lovely day the pistes were not crowded, as you can see. I suggested that we tried the off piste run down the front of Jaillet which takes us down to the bus.   The first part was cut up and not a lot of fun but we found powder through the trees and the last field was virtually spring snow.   It was well worth doing.  Gordon had left his ski poles at home as he is nursing his left hand.  He hit it about 3 weeks ago on a tree stump (I didn't see what happened to that) and thinks that he has cracked a bone.  Skiing has not helped it so the last few days he has been resting it.   It didn't seem to stop him skiing the off piste perfectly.

We caught the bus which was going towards Chattaz (half way to Praz).   Usually it goes along the back roads to Chattaz and  comes back along the Route National.  This time the driver came back along the route he had driven out.   When we got off we asked him if the route had changed and he said it was the first time he had done it!     I hope there were not too many people left stranded as that bus only runs every hour.

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