Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday sunshine

I skied by myself again this morning as John had a date (details to be disclosed later).  I was on the first lift again thanks to the nice liftie who waves me though before opening the door to the hoi polloi.  I skied the Grand and Petit Epaule ridge down to Chatterix and then came up and found some lovely powder off the side of the ridge so I did it again.  I came home though the forest off Etudiant.  At the bus stop on the road another skier asked me if I had skied from Mont Joli.   He had and he said the snow was hard and crusty at the top so I was glad I hadn't bothered to go up there.  I decided to ski home via the Rochebrune ridge and John rang me to say he was free so he came and joined me for the afternoon.  This is a photo of the Petit Fontaine piste today
in the French holidays.  Even in high season  #Megeve is not crowded.            

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