Monday, 10 February 2014

John's birthday - part 2

  Yesterday evening 6 of us (Gordon, Carol, Jonny and Tracey) went to  M le Bistro.  It is the restaurant for the 5 star hotel near the St Georges, which used to be Le Manege but now calls itself M de Megeve.     We went to the opening ( all of #Megeve was there and anyone could have walked in and probably did) so we had a snoop round then.   There is a small swimming pool which has no natural light - probably OK for now but not sure about the summer- and about 3 spa rooms.  It has a nice bar area and open fire.  The bistro was excellent and about the same price as the Prieure though the wines were very pricey.  We all agreed we'd go there again.  They  also have a gastronomic restaurant at twice the price.
I skied for a little this morning but have hurt my hand and holding the ski pole was painful so came back early.   Rather a pity as the snow was lovely and noone much around.  A good time to be in   Megeve before the start of the holidays.

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