Thursday, 13 February 2014

#Megeve Fashion

Fresh snow again this morning and snowing.  I was on the first bubble from Mont D'Arbois and first down the red Princess.   I did that three times as there was a very nice strip of powder down the side which had to be skied.  I did  the blue Princess and Mon Rosset piste  and then went home as the wind had got up and the snow was blowing.
 So, as it's London Fashion Week I thought you needed my views on Megeve fashion on the slopes.   For men the in colours are garish, orange or bright blue trousers, yellow or lime green jackets.   At least there is no chance of losing them in the cloud.  Women are wearing camouflage: white.   I find it very difficult to understand the attraction of white for ski clothes unless you want to be lost in a snow drift.   I wear black which doesn't show the dirt!  The down side of black is that I can never see Gordon amongst the trees.  He has to put an orange cover over his rucksack so I can pick him out.  John has a red jacket so he is much easier to see.   I think I need to persuade both of them to buy a lime green jacket.  Small chance of that!
Anyway, next week is the start of the French holidays so lots of fur coats in town.  That's on the ladies not the lap dogs.

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